The Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues

Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues (RERCI)

RERCI Best Papers

Since 2011, RERCI has awarded a prize for the best paper published in the journal. The prize is only awarded when there have been at least 5 eligible papers (only submitted papers are considered, excluded are invited papers, notes and communications, and book reviews), so the prize is awarded either annually or bi-annually. The RERCI best paper award is decided by a committee formed by one of the associate editors of the journal. The award carries a monetary prize and a certificate for the author(s).

Best paper winners are indicated with a gold star on the website. The list of RERCI best papers is:

Year Article
2017/18 “Language, Copyright and Geographic Segmentation in the EU Digital, Single Market for Music and Film”, Estrella Gomez Herrera and Bertin Martens.
2016 “Digital Rights Management and Hardware Market Power”, Jin-Hyuk Kim and Michael Waldman.
2014/15 “Cartel sustainability and Piracy in a Vertically Differentiated Oligopoly”, Iacopo Grassi.
2013 “The Economics of Copyright Levies on Hardware”, Patrick Legros and Victor A. Ginsburgh.
2012 “The Efficiency of Droit de Suite: An Experimental Assessment”, Maryam Dilmaghani and Jim Engle-Warnick.
2011 “The Google Book Search Settlement: A Law and Economics Analysis”, Frank Mueller-Langer and Marc Scheufen.