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RERCI is owned and managed by the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI), and it is published in two issues each year. Each author of the papers published in this journal retains copyright in his/her work. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from SERCI and the author of each reproduced paper.

Exceptions: Explicit permission from SERCI is not required for the reproduction of single articles for the purposes of teaching, research, and other scientific activities.

Publication Ethics, Disclosure and Malpractice Statement

Any queries or comments regarding this statement should be sent to the Managing Editor at the journal editorial office on

The Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in the content that it publishes. The journal has a conflict of interest policy in place regarding the assigning of submitted papers to referees. Any cases of allegations of misconduct or unethical behaviour in relation to the process of selection and publication of articles will be duly investigated by a committee formed by the Managing Editor, two members of the Editorial Board, and two independent academics. All content that is published in the journal is peer reviewed.

Editorial Board

RERCI maintains an editorial board, the members of which are well-known experts in the academic field of the economics of copyright. The editorial board members, along with a short bio of each member, is at

Authors and Author Responsibilities

Information for authors and the submissions process is available on

RERCI does not charge any fees for manuscript processing or publishing. During the review process for submitted papers, authors must engage in the process at the request of the Managing Editor. All persons identified as authors of a submission must have contributed significantly to the research reported in the paper. Author(s) are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of any mistakes or oversights in published papers should any such mistakes be brought to the attention of the journal and/or the authors. All papers must include a list of references to the literature and other sources of information upon which the research has relied. Any financial support that the authors have benefitted from and that contributed in any way to the research reported or to the writing of the paper, must be clearly indicated.

The copyright in articles published in RERCI remains with the authors, however authors agree that by submitting to RERCI the paper has not been published elsewhere, nor is submitted to another journal. Similarly, authors will not publish the same research in any other academic outlet, with the exception of edited collections of papers, and then the original paper must be clearly cited.

Peer-review Process

All papers submitted to RERCI are subjected to an objective peer-review process which is managed by the Managing Editor. Each paper is first reviewed by the Managing Editor for suitability, and anonymized versions of those papers that are found to be suitable are reviewed by two experts in the material. The Managing Editor will not assign papers to reviewers who are known to be, or who are known to have been in the past, closely associated with one or more of the authors of the paper in question. The Managing Editor will select reviewers that have no conflict of interest with the work under review. The Managing Editor solicits from the reviewers comments and feedback in a timely manner. In their reports, reviewers should provide feedback on the relevance and importance of the work, as well as point out any shortfalls and errors, including relevant published work which is not yet cited.

All articles that are under review are treated confidentially prior to their publication. The decision regarding acceptance or rejection (or revise and resubmit) of a paper rests with the Managing Editor, and that decision is final.

Publication Ethics

RERCI takes very seriously the issue of ethical publishing. At all costs the journal strives to identify and prevent publication of unethical, misleading, and/or biased research. Should any evidence of research misconduct related to a published paper in RERCI be brought to the attention of the Managing Editor, the process of dealing with such allegations will immediately be initiated. See our malpractice process for a description of the process. Papers found to breach ethical publishing expectations will be retracted, although for smaller breaches or minor errors, corrections, clarifications and/or apologies will be published and made public in the journal.

Copyright and Access

RERCI’s copyright and licensing information is clearly set out at


All of the published content of RERCI is available free of charge on the journal website. That website, containing the entire back catalogue of all of the papers published, will be maintained indefinitely, even in the event that RERCI is ever no longer published.

Ownership and Management

RERCI is owned and managed by the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI).

Publishing Schedule

RERCI will normally be published in two issues per year, “issue 1” in mid-year, and “issue 2” at the end of the year. However, whenever there are fewer than two accepted papers for any given issue, that issue will be carried over to the next one. In no case will papers that have not successfully survived the regular referee process be published for the sole purpose of allowing an issue of the journal to be published when that issue would otherwise be carried over. In those cases when there is only one published issue in any given year, that issue will be identified as being “issue 1-2” of that given year. In all years at least one issue will be published.