The Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues

The New SERCI Website is Now Live

Welcome to the new SERCI website! Take a few minutes to look around and familiarise yourself with the new look. No files, documents or articles should have been removed in the transition from the old website to this one. If you’re struggling to find something feel free to email and we’ll help you from there. We’ve also made a SERCI twitter account so please follow us if you want to stay up to date.

So what’s actually changed on the website?

Most of the site has stayed the same apart from aesthetic improvements. The big changes are: the new “news” section which will direct you to informative acticles about RERCI and copyright, new sort capabilities for RERCI articles, and a new RERCI email subscription service.

Right now the website is in beta, which means that over the next few weeks we’ll keep adding features like the ones above. It’s unlikely that existing features will change substantially, instead you’ll just notice new functions and aesthetic changes pop up every now and then. Here are some features we’re still working on:

Thanks for using the site, and we hope you have a pleasant experience.


Q: A feature on the website isn’t working.
A: Please send an email to A screenshot of the problem would be much appreciated, especially if it’s a visual or display issue.

Q: Is there a mobile version of the website?
A: Not yet. Once we finish implementing the main desktop website we’ll start working on a mobile website.

Q: Can I go back to using the old website?
A: No the old website has been removed from the server. If you see any missing features you’d like to see on the new website then email your suggestions to

Q: Can I see the source code for the website?
A: Not at the moment. Once the entire website is finished I’ll upload it to Github and paste the link here, so check this answer again in a month or two.

Q: You have a picture of me on the website and I want it removed.
A: Please get it touch with and ask for you image to be removed. If you only want a certain image removed then please link to the image in your message.