Documents: 2017

Diminished creative industry growth in Australia in the digital age

George Barker


The Three-Legged Stool of Music Value: Hertzian Radio, SiriusXM, and Spotify

Marcel Boyer


Rational addiction to cultural goods: the effects of narrative on consumption and broadcasting of fiction in France

Maxime Billard and Victor Lavialle


The use of intellectual property right bundles by firms in copyright intensive industries

Antanina Garanasvili, Michal Kazimierczak and Gary Lazaridis


Capabilities, Spillovers, and Intellectual Progress: Toward a human flourishing theory for intellectual property

Brett M. Frischmann


Author Reversion Rights: How Changes in Copyright Ownership Affect the Distribution of Works

Paul J. Heald


The U.S. Copyright Termination Law, Asymmetric Information, and Legal Uncertainty

Michael Karas


Who Killed the Radio Star? How Music Blanket Licenses Distort the Production of Creative Content

Ariel Katz and Eden Sarid


Rational Addiction to Audiovisual Narratives: an Analysis of Broadcasting and Consumption of Fiction in France

Olivier Bomsel and Victor Lavialle


It was Fifty Years Ago Today: Recording Copyright Term and the Supply of Music

Megan MacGarvie, John McKeon and Jeremy Watson


Creative Output in a Market Context

Jaakko Miettinen


Three methodological errors in the economics of authors’ rights and their consequences

Hana Moracova


The Causes and Consequences of Allocating Revenue Between Mechanical and Performing Rights

Will Page and David Safir

Open Business Models for the Creative Industries: how the use of open licenses in business can increase economic results and cultural impact

Fátima Silva São Simão, Helena Santos, and Heitor Alvelos


Internet Safe Harbors and the Transformation of Copyright Law

Matthew Sag


The Value of Copyright-Based Industries in Canada

Rashid Nikzad and Raphael Solomon