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The 2017 annual congress of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues will be held in


Turin (Italy)


on July 10 and 11 of 2017.


The congress will be hosted locally by Giovanni Ramello (University of Eastern Piedmont), and will be held at the Einaudi Campus.


SERCI is very pleased to announce that, for the first time, there will be two Keynote Guest Lectures at the congress. On the first day of the congress the keynote will be delivered by Prof. Francesco Parisi (University of Minnesota and University of Bologna), and on the second day the keynote will be delivered by Prof. Brett Frischmann (Cardozo Law School and Princeton University).


The provisional programme for the congress will be uploaded here shortly. Meanwhile, SERCI has secured a discounted price at the following hotel which is located at a 15 minute walk from the congress venue:


Grand Hotel Sitea The details are:

Single room with bed of width 1.2m; €120.00

Double deluxe room with single occupancy, bed width 1.8m; €151.00

Double deluxe room with double occupancy, bed width 1.8m; €185.00

All rooms come with free WIFI, breakfast included, and gym.

Bookings can be made by filling in the order form found here, and emailing it directly to the hotel at


A cheaper option, at a similar distance from the congress venue is available at Hotel Via Principe Amedeo,   


SERCI Annual Congress 2017 Draft Programme


All session papers are allocated 30 minutes (20 minutes for presenter, 10 minutes for discussion).


Monday 10th July


9:00      Welcome speeches; Olivier Bomsel (SERCI President), Pietro Terna (Collegio Carlo Alberto), Richard Watt (SERCI General Secretary), and Giovanni Ramello (University of Eastern Piedmont).


9:15        Session 1: SERCI Invited Keynote Lecture; Francesco Parisi (University of Minnesota and University of Bologna)), “Welfare Models for Copyright Policy”. (chairperson: Olivier Bomsel (Ecole de Mines ParisTech)).


10:15    Coffee break


10:30    Session 2: Copyright economics (chairperson: Marcel Boyer (CIRANO, TSE and University of Montreal)).

1.       Hana Moravcova (Charles University Prague), “Three methodological errors in the economics of authors’ rights and their consequences”.

2.       Alain Marciano (Universite de Montpellier) and Giovanni Ramello (University of Eastern Piedmont), “Coase and the Shakespearean puzzle”.

3.       Michael Karas (Otto-von-Guericke-University), “The U.S. copyright termination law in the shadow of litigation”.

4.       Jaakko Miettinen (University of Glasgow), “Creative output in a market context”.

12:30    Lunch


14:00    Session 3: Copyright law and the public domain (chairperson: Paul Heald (University of Illinois)).

1.       Mathew Sag (Loyola University of Chicago), “Internet safe harbors and the transformation of copyright law”.

2.       María Alejandra Echavarría (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana) and Ana María Pérez (Universidad Externado de Colombia), “The legal and economic imbalance in the open market for non-protected ideas”.

3.       Michal Kazimierczak (EU IP Office), Adela Dvorakova, and Franciska Schonnher (EU IP Office), “Derivative use of public domain content: Film industry focus”.

15:30    Coffee break


16:00    Session 4: Round table on “Regulatory copyright tariff setting in Europe: Effects for copyright users and copyright holders” (chairperson: Enrico Colombatto (University of Turin)). Speakers: Raul Rodríguez (Spanish Copyright Commission), Simon Morrison (Google), Will Page (Spotify), Gerry Wall (Wall Communications) and Clemente Sánchez (SGAE).


17:30    SERCI AGM


17:50    End of day 1.


20:00    SERCI Gala supper.


Tuesday 11th July


9:00        Session 5: SERCI Invited Keynote Lecture; Brett Frichmann (Cardozo Law School and Princeton University), “Capabilities, Spillovers, and Intellectual Progress”. (chairperson: Giovanni Ramello (University of Eastern Piedmont)).


10:00    Coffee break


10:15    Session 6: Creative industries (chairperson: Christian Handke (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)).

1.       Fatima Silva Sao Simao (University of Porto), “Open business models for the creative industries: How the use of open licenses in business can increase economic results and cultural impact”.

2.       George Barker (Australian National University), “Diminished creative industry growth in Australia in the digital age”.

3.       Antanina Garanasvili (University of Padova), Michal Kazimierczak (Mastricht University) and Gary Lazaridis (European Patent Office), “The use of intellectual property right bundles by firms in copyright intensive industries”.

4.       Rafael Solomon and Rashid Nikzad (Copyright Board of Canada), “The value of copyright based industries in Canada”.

12:15    Lunch


13:30    Session 7: Licensing, and Internet distribution of content (chairperson: Richard Watt (University of Canterbury)).

1.       Will Page (Spotify) and David Safir (The Music of Economics), “The Causes and Consequences of Allocating Revenue Between Mechanical and Performing Rights”.

2.       Ariel Katz (University of Toronto) and Eden Sarid (University of Toronto), “Who killed the radio star? How music blanket licenses distort the production of creative content”.

3.       Marcel Boyer (CIRANO, TSE and University of Montreal), “The Three-Legged Stool of Music Value: Hertzian Radio, SiriusXM, and Spotify”.

15:00    Coffee break


15:20    Session 8: Empirics (chairperson: George Barker (Australian National University))

1.       Dandan Niu (Mines ParisTech), “Programming differentiation and regulation in the competitive radio markets”.

2.       Olivier Bomsel (CERNA, Mines ParisTech) and Victor Lavialle (CERNA, Mines ParisTech), “Rational Addiction to Audiovisual Narratives: an Analysis of Broadcasting and Consumption of Fiction in France”.

3.       Megan Macgarvie (Boston University and NBER), John McKeon (Edgeworth Economics), and Jeremy Watson (Boston University), “It was Fifty Years Ago Today: Recording Copyright Term and the Supply of Music”.

4.       Paul Heald (University of Illinois), “Copyright transfer terminations”.

17:20    Wrap-up and end of congress.










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