This year, which marks the 17th consecutive SERCI Annual Congress, we will be meeting in Toronto (Canada), on the 9th and 10th of July.

The congress will be organised locally by Ariel Katz (University of Toronto). SERCI is very pleased and honored to announce that the Annual SERCI Guest Lecture will delivered by Prof. Joshua Gans (University of Toronto).

Congress Registration

To register to attend the congress, simply email your details (name, affiliation, etc.) to There is no registration fee for the congress, but please do register.

Congress Accommodation

The local organizers have negotiated a special hotel rate at the Kimpton Saint George Hotel, located a few minutes from the congress venue. To make a booking, please contact Charlci Phillips, on Please mention in the email that you are booking in relation to the SERCI conference, organized by University of Toronto.

Monday evening Gala supper

On the evening of the first day of the conference (Monday July 9th), all registered participants are invited to our annual “Gala Supper", which will be held at the Mistura restaurant, which is near the conference rooms. Non-conference participating friends, spouses etc. are also welcome to attend this event, but will be asked to pay marginal cost of ($80 per-person). 


SERCIAC 2018, Programme

Monday July 9th.

9:00                    Registration

9:30                    Welcome speeches

9:45                    SERCI Invited Guest Lecture; Joshua Gans (University of Toronto), “Getting the pricing right on digital music copyright”. Session chairperson: Richard Watt.

10:45                  Coffee break

11:00                  Session 1: Copyright in books (Chairperson: Christian Handke)

Paul Heald (University of Illinois), “Copyright reversion to authors (and the Rosetta effect): An empirical study of reappearing books

Abhishek Nagaraj (Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley) and Imke Reimers (Northeastern University), “Does digitization hurt book readership and sales? Evidence from the Google books project

Stan Liebowitz and Alejandro Zentner (University of Texas at Dallas), “Motivations to Create”

13:00                  Lunch

14:00                  Session 2: Copyright law (Chairperson: Paul Heald)

Sean Flynn and Michael Palmedo (American University), “Measuring change in the law of copyright user rights

Sigbjorn Hjelmbrekke (Erasmus University of Rotterdam), “Attitudes to copyright protection and enforcement. Data from Holland”

15:20                  Coffee break

15:40                  Session 3: Copyright tariff regulation (Chairperson: Marcel Boyer)

Ariel Katz, Matthew Marinett and Eden Sarid (University of Toronto), “The Copyright Board of Canada: A Regulator Lacking a Theory of Regulation

George Barker (London School of Economics and Australian National University), “The value gap in online music markets in Canada. The case of music streaming and the role of the Law"

17:00                  SERCI AGM

20:00                  SERCI Gala Supper

Tuesday July 10th

9:00                    Session 4: Copyright Economics 1 (Chairperson: Vickie Nauman)

Luis Aguiar (European Commission) and Joel Waldfogel (University of Minnesota and NBER), “Platforms, promotion and product discovery: Evidence from Spotify playlists

Will Page (Spotify) and David Safir (Senior Consultant, International Affairs), “Money In, Money Out: Lessons from CMO’s in allocating and distributing licensing revenue

10:20                  Coffee break

10:40                  Session 5: Musical works copyright tariffs (Chairperson: Michael Waldman)

Marcel Boyer (Université de Montréal) and Anne Catherine Faye (Analysis Group), “The setting of royalty rates for musical works and sound recordings: An application of Lindhal pricing principles

Frank Mathewson (University of Toronto), E. Jane Murdoch (Charles River Associates Inc.) and Gerry Wall (Wall Communications Inc.), “Music-use tariffs: Options, regulation and bargaining

Richard Watt (University of Canterbury), “The optimal structure of copyright fees: Price per-unit of use or revenue sharing?"

12:40                  Lunch

13:40                  Session 6: Copyright economics 2 (Chairperson: Anne Catherine Faye)

Christian Handke (University of Amsterdam, IViR, and Erasmus University of Rotterdam, ESHCC), “On market power in the copyright industries: Price competition with fixed costs and incomplete market capture”

Victor Lavialle (ParisTech) and Matthieu Adam. “A multivariate analysis of regulated funding of the French cinema by broadcasters

15:00                Wrap-up and end of conference