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4th International Workshop on Economic Analysis of Litigation – June 22-23 2017 – University Paris Nanterre

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A Future for the Creative Economy resource

I would like to draw your attention to a report I have compiled of three events sponsored by CREATe that took place this summer, including the CREATe/SERCI panel at the  conference in July, which is available now on:

The aim of the report is to make available the opinions of experts in the economics relating to the creative economy about its future as a resource for anyone interested in related policy issues, including copyright – such as policy makers, creative industry participants, academics and others working in this area. The DVD from the ACEI conference panel is also a useful resource for teaching purposes.

Announcement submitted by Prof. Ruth Towse

Professor in Economics of Creative Industries, Bournemouth University, UK, and CREATe Fellow in Cultural Economics, University of Glasgow.