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The New SERCI Website is Now Live

Saturday, November 10 2018

Welcome to the new SERCI website! Take a few minutes to look around and familiarise yourself with the new look. No files, documents or articles should have been removed in the transition from the old website to this one. If you're struggling to find something feel free to email webmaster@serci.org and we'll help you from there. We've also made a SERCI twitter account so please follow us if you want to stay up to date.

So what's actually changed on the website?

Most of the site has stayed the same apart from aesthetic improvements. The big changes are: the new "news" section which will direct you to informative acticles about RERCI and copyright, new sort capabilities for...

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cover of RERCI book

2018 Congress Documents & Journal Articles are Now Available

Tuesday, April 10 2018

The journal articles published in RERCI, 15(1) are now available on the website along with the congress documents from the 2018 SERCIAC conference in Toronto, Canada.

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toronto canada

Piracy in Canada (from Ariel Katz Blog)

Thursday, August 30 2018

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has requested me to prepare a Report in connection with the application by the FairPlay Coalition to the CRTC and its proposed website-blocking mechanism. PIAC asked me to assess the Applicants’ claims in light of the best available theoretical and empirical evidence. More specifically, to determine whether the academic literature and the Application itself substantiate the alleged harms of piracy and the efficacy and benefits of the proposed website blocking remedy.

If you’d like to read my Report, here it is. If you’d like to read only the introduction and the conclusion, keep reading...

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